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ADRF is a non-profit, non-government organization started in Korea in 1994.

Africa-Asia Development Relief Foundation (ADRF) is a non-profit, non-government organization started in Korea in 1994 with relief activities for Liberian refugees who were affected by the long-lasting Civil Wars.

With its slogan “HOPE = EDUCATION”, ADRF supports schooling and humanistic education for African and Asian children in need. We will continue to be there for the underprivileged to cherish and to realize their dreams of the future.

ADRF is now implementing various projects to support education in local communities in Liberia, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, Laos, the Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia and Palestine, etc.


Helps needy African and Asian children to get out of the vicious poverty cycle and to grow up as an upright citizen of the world by education.

Hope Education

ADRF built and manages an educational institution for isolated children in poverty who can not get a benefit of education. We try to provide a better educational environment with management support for each school, and they conduct a scholarship work to all students.
Also, we support them by operating management for an educational institution which is now under difficult situation, enlarging a building, repairing all facilities for children to study themselves in better environment.

ADRF Provides Opportunity to be Educated through new Hope Class
In a developing country where the quality of education is relatively low, ADRF provides various opportunities to be educated such as remedial education for basic subjects like mathematics and English and other educations like art, music, physical education, Korean, and field study activity. Also we support the physical growth of them by providing meals for local poorly-fed children and by proceeding health examination.

Child Care and Humanistic Educational Support by Nursing Teacher
Once or more a month nursing teacher visits children´s house in person to check home environment and their health, and help them live in a better environment. Also we check the child’s mental state by regular psychology consultation and interview, and support personality education by ADRF hope class.

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We invite you to contribute your talents and gifts in a way that is beneficial to all. See our projects for Hope Schools.

Make a Difference For a Child
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It is a promise of hope that brightens children’s future by forming a relationship between beneficiary country children and the supporter.

All Events
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Meet ADRF members during the events and discover more about us. See how you can join us and help children for a brighter future.

We convey stories about the meaning and value of sharing and the pleasure of it to let more people participate and practice together in sharing.

ADRF Global Volunteers

We sent 12 volunteers to Liberia, Africa in January 1997. Since then, we have continued to send volunteers abroad. The Global Volunteers proceed various contents of educational voluntary work for local children in need. They progress labor services like repairing facilities and extension work for regions and schools that need help, and also donate products. Additionally they run medical services for health improvement of the locals, cultural exchange programs, and cultural experience to understand each country’s history and culture.

ADRF Global volunteers not only serve for local poor children and residents but also help the volunteers become a global leader understanding and practicing sharing by volunteer training and overseas volunteers management.

Education Volunteer
Service members prepare various subjects of education volunteer in local school or Hope Class in person

Interchange between areas they are dispatched by home visiting Hope Class student

Meal and Labor Service
Meal service for Hope Class students who barely comes to school with their starving stomach and labor service such as repairing Hope Class or building an extension.

Cultural Experience
Experiencing field location’s history and culture by visiting each country’s cultural heritage and historical site

Group Educational Sharing

A teacher visits places such as schools, corporate events, gatherings and proceeds fun share classes talking about meanings and values of sharing and the action of it, too. ADRF has made people recognize the reality of children in poverty in the whole world by visual and auditory materials, telling them about what trivial sharing’s means, values, and the pleasures starting in the daily life, and educate them to practice in reality.

Education for Global Citizenship

It is not only for lectures but is a participatory program that students plan and practice the project for themselves. It develops global leadership by searching concrete solutions for global issues and problems through Hope Classes and international cooperation project from each foreign operation of ADRF.


ADRF has joined in the effort to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development spearheaded by the United Nations.


See how you can join us and help children for a brighter future

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